Believe education can change the world


Languages enrich our lives and open doors to greater possibilities and experiences. 

Estúdio447 enables people to expand their English, but that is only part of what we do. Our mission is to seek out todays's most exciting and essential knowledge - then present it in an accessible and entertaining way that develops our student's understanding of a diverse range ideas. Some of the more controversial ideas we discuss, such as the workshop ‘Artificial Intelligence: The Future or the Extinction of Humanity’, may radically change the way you think about your future. Others, such as ‘The Wisdom of Wine’ workshop are just about fun conversations and deepening our appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. In this case the pleasure being good wine!

Although we like to enjoy a refreshing beer or glass of wine during our workshops - we do take the business of education very seriously. This is a game that requires constant innovation and attention to detail. Education matters today more than ever!

Estúdio447 is for those who never stop learning. For those who value true knowledge and for those who are willing to invest in a more fulfilling and worthwhile future. 

We believe education can change the world.