The Tuesday Night Club: The Next 6 weeks


THE NEXT SIX WEEKS: Intelligent conversations: expand your mind and your English.

TEACHER: James WJ Sutton – British native speaker with many years of experience teaching English, entrepreneurship and public speaking.

DURATION: (1.5 hours per workshop)
WHEN: Tuesdays between 19:30 – 21:00h
WHERE: Estúdio447 Coworking Moema & English Club, R. Canário 447, Moema
GROUP SIZE: max. 6 people
PRICE: R$70 per workshop (includes a drink per workshop: wine, beer or juice)

RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW: Your place for a workshop is only guaranted once you have paid. You can pay for individual workshops or for the full 6 weeks.
To reserve your place please follow the link below:

Contact:   |  11-98493 9237 (Tim)  |  11-942748917 (Vivo)



WEEK 1: The British Royal Family
* A discussion about who they really are and what role royal families should have in the 21st Century.
DATE OF WORKSHOP: 11/08/2015

WEEK 2: Intelligent Leaders
* An in depth discussion and analysis of some of the most influential leaders of our time and the lessons we can learn from them.
DATE OF WORKSHOP: 18/08/2015

* IMPORTANT - BONUS 30 MINUTES EXTRA INCLUDED - This workshop will include an extra bonus 30 minutes session with business leadership expert Mateo Chang. He will be teaching the 6 triggers of influence and how effective leaders use them in the business environment. Therefore please be aware this workshop will last 2 hours in total. From 19:30 until 21:30.

WEEK 3: The Next Food Revolution
* A discussion about the global obesity epidemic, the future of food and how to feed the global population without destroying the planet.
DATE OF WORKSHOP: 25/08/2015

WEEK 4: The Art of Storytelling
* A discussion about the art of story telling and how to tell your own personal story to inspire and influence others.
DATE OF WORKSHOP: 01/09/2015

WEEK 5: Conspiracy Theories of Our Time
* Lets discuss some of the biggest and most controversial conspiracy theories of our time. In this workshop we will debate if there is any truth behind conspiracy theories such as, the moon landing was a hoax, the assassination of JFK, 9/11, the illuminati and the New World Order and the UFO crash in Roswell, amongst many more. Prepare for a fun and lively conversation!
DATE OF WORKSHOP: 08/09/2015

WEEK 6: The War on Drugs
* Should all drugs be legalized? A discussion about the war on drugs and the debate surrounding legalization.
DATE OF WORKSHOP: 15/09/2015


·       Expand your knowledge on the latest emerging global trends and ideas
·       Improve your English pronunciation and public speaking skills
·       Develop your social intelligence for better personal and professional relationships
·       Learn to communicate your story effectively to influence people
·       Enjoy good wine or a cold beer at the end of a long day
·       Grow your network of contacts in São Paulo and make new friends



* The future or the extinction of humanity?

* How this man is changing the world & why you need to know about him!

* Advances in bio-technology has made it possible to bring back extinct species from the dead but should we?

* A look at some of the most notorious graffiti artist in the world and what value they have in society.


Teacher: James