The Tuesday Night Club : Workshop No.6 ELON MUSK

NEXT WEEK >>> WORKSHOP No.6 : ELON MUSK - How this man is changing the world & Why you need to know about him.

Elon Musk is the visionary and entrepreneur behind PayPal, Telsa, Space X & Solar City. A billionaire businessman ranked as the 100th richest man in the world and also amongst the 100 most influential according to Time magazine.  Did I mention he also works 100 hours a week. This workshop will look at how he aims to transition the world to electric vehicles, solar energy and send 1 million people to colonise Mars in the coming decades! We will discuss how he has been able to achieve so much and what impact his ideas will have on our lives.

Quando: Dia 30 de Junho (terça-feira)
Workshop avançado: das 19:00 às 20:00
Workshop intermediário: das 20:15 às 20:15
Onde: Estúdio447, Rua Canário 447, Moema

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